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on becoming a modern firm.

Are you tired of the status quo? Are you ready to take risk and do things to grow your firm that other firms might not be doing? If you answered yes, this class is for you!

The Accountant Entrepreneur Masterclass includes a series of webinars and supporting content that helps accounting professionals understand how to shift their mindset toward a modern business.  We asked accountants and customers to share their biggest challenges and obstacles to growing their business -- and brought in industry experts to provide actionable advice to help solve those problems.

In this rapidly changing world where technology has changed the landscape of how accountants do business-- and what clients expect-- accountants need to adapt a new mentality and new skills that set them up for a successful future.

How the Course Works

We’ve designed this course for you to jump in and to explore at your own pace. You can follow the sections in chronological order, or, if you'd like, skip to the sections that are most relevant for your business needs. And you can choose your path, as we offer the content in a variety of ways to suit how you like to learn:

  • Watch OnDemand Webinars
  • or Listen to them via podcast on the go 
  • Read thoughtfully curated blog articles
  • Download eBooks for future reading and referencing.

Upon completing this class: you’ll feel prepared with the tools and resources to lead your firm to greater financial success.  You'll find incredible insights and actionable takeaways to help you build a plan for growth, whether you are working at a firm or starting your own.

What's in the Masterclass

We’ve broken up the class into 6 sections:

  1. Thinking Differently: Take the first step toward becoming an accountant entrepreneur by learning how to think like one. This section was designed to help you move away from the traditional mindset and begin to think differently. 
  2. Creating Deeper Client Connections: Learn how to cultivate long-term, unshakable client loyalty. Upon completing this section you’ll be able to foster deeper client connections and build a business that clients won’t want to leave.
  3. Building a Staff for the Future: Everything you need to know about building, growing, and leading a remote workforce.
  4. Growing Your Firm Like a Pro: Discover secrets to growing your firm faster than most. Based on a study done by Hinge Marketing, this section reveals what high-growth firms are doing to grow their practice nearly five times faster than their average peers.
  5. Mastering the Art of Selling: Educate yourself on the elements of a winning sales process and an in-depth discovery exercise to overcome client objections.
  6. Pricing on Value: Learn how to have the “value conversation” with your clients and uncover what they really need from you.

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