The Accounting Firm Growth Masterclass with Jason Blumer

Get ready for a new masterclass from Jason Blumer, exclusively for BILL accounting partners: 

"Are you a firm owner who has struggled to build your firm's business model, team structure and pricing? If you are, those are things that leave you struggling with stress, staying up at night, not knowing how you're going to build your firm, grow your firm, launch new services.  Guess what? I was in the same boat but I've figured out how to do those things and I've built a program with BILL called the Accounting Firm Growth Masterclass.

When you're done, you're going to be so clear on your business model, how to train your team, what services and value, how to price those services, and there are so many more things in this class I want you to enjoy. When you're done, you're going to be confident, you're going to roll into your market and price in a specific way, you're going to be a different leader and grow as a leader of your people.  I want to invite you to take the weight of that worry off your shoulders and come join us in the Accounting Firm Growth Masterclass with BILL.

- Jason Blumer, CPA, Thriveal CPA Network, CEO, Blumer CPA's


The Accounting Firm Growth Masterclass with Jason Blumer offers 19.0 CPE credits and is a 19-module long, exclusive program created for BILL customers. The program provides a combination of in-depth teaching modules where Jason goes over topics such as pricing, building a CAS program, technology, firm growth ceilings and much more to help firms really learn what it takes to build a scalable firm. 

We hear often from firms that they stall when it comes to adding clients to BILL because they haven’t aligned how to grow or scale their business, they’re not sure about CAS or the concepts of pricing services and scaling are tough to master. This program was built to help firms work through the pitfalls of growth and build a plan to achieve their goals. 

Ready to learn more?  Reach out to your Account Manager today for more details or to start the masterclass log into your console, click on Training —> Advanced, and then go to the Firm Growth Masterclass course. Visit 'How To Get Started' for additional information.

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Jason Blumer on why you want the Firm Growth Masterclass in 20 seconds
Jason Blumer on why you want the Firm Growth Masterclass in 20 seconds

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