BILL Interactive Demo

October 19, 2022

In this article, you'll find everything you need to provide a high level, interactive demo of BILL for your clients and prospects. This end-to-end demo explains and illustrates the roles that your firm and the client play in the bill management process.

This interactive demo is designed to show your clients not only the benefits and functionality of BILL, but also the value of outsourcing their Accounts Payable to your firm.

You can choose between two versions of this interactive demo:

Standard BILL Demo

This self-led demo will walk the client through BILL, while explaining their role in the bill management process. You can send this link to the client to walk themselves through the program, or it can also be used to walk them through in a live presentation.

Clients will be able to explore how simple and organized their business payments process can be, including:

  • Capturing invoices
  • Coding and approving bills
  • Making domestic and international payments
  • Viewing audit trail

Copy this link to send to clients:

BILL Demo with Custom URL Generator

When you send a custom demo link to your clients, you can include a landing page of your choice to direct them to upon their completion of the full demo. Some great options could include a link to your calendar, your firm’s website home page, your contact page, a landing page designed for onboarding, or any page you wish to use to collect their information.

Simply enter the name of the designated contact from your firm and a web page of your choice, starting with ‘https://’. Once you’ve entered the information, click Generate and you will be provided with a unique URL, ready to be sent to clients.

Tip: If you have someone ask if they can generate an email instead of going to a landing page, you can do this. You simply need the html code for creating a link to send an email which is simply (insert your main email contact). 


Use this link to create a unique URL to send to clients:


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