How to Build Tech Stack Advice into Your Accounting Business [OnDemand]

October 15, 2019

As part of our Accountant Entrepreneur Series, join thought leader
Clayton Oates in October to learn about adding tech stack advice. 



Original Date: Thursday, October 24th

Software Advisory done right can differentiate your firm in the marketplace and add tremendous value to your client relationship. However, with over 700 add-on apps to choose from, where do you start? And how do you discern the right tech stack for you to learn and recommend to your clients? This webinar is based on over 30 years of practical experience and key insights of those that have successfully implemented Software Advisory services in their firms, that you too can learn and implement.

You'll Learn:

  • How to filter the (over 700) apps marketplace to discern the right tech stack for your clients
  • The critical components necessary to create a strong and enduring partnership with software vendors.
  • How to understand the relationship models utilized by software vendors when working with accountant and how to choose which one is right for your firm to adopt.
  • Uncover what clients expect from their accountant when firms recommend software.


About the Speaker

Clayton Oates is an award winning and highly respected member of the Accounting | Bookkeeping and Technology Industries. He has been working in the Accounting Profession for more than 25 years. After starting his career as a Tax Accountant at PwC he went on to create and build a successful Software Advisory division in one of Australia’s leading Accounting firms. Today he devotes much of his time sharing his insights and experiences with Accounting professionals around the globe, inspiring others on how to embrace and implement technology in order to enhance quality of life for you and your clients.

QA Business provides independent IT Consultancy advice and systems to both Businesses and Accountancy Firms throughout Australia. For more than 20 years thousands of businesses have improved their business performance by using the services provided by QA Business. Today QA is recognised, by both clients and industry peers, as one of Australia’s leading business support companies.

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