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August 30, 2022

Welcome to the Accountant Resource Center. 


A Quick Tour

The Accountant Resource Center is where you'll find articles, templates and more to help you be successful with  A quick rundown of what you'll find in here: 

Getting Started w/ - Videos and articles that take you the processes of getting set up and starting to process your bills. 

The New Experience -  Videos and articles that give an overview of the updated experience and comparisons between the classic and new interface workflows. 

Product Info & Updates -  Get documents and videos on the new features. 

Setting Up New Clients -  Reference guides and checklists to help you onboard and set up new clients. 

Workflow & Tech Stack - Get the blueprints on how works with other technologies. 

Training for Accountants - Articles and webinars for training staff, as well as information on certification. 

Training for Clients -  Videos and templates to send to clients and help get them onboard.

Business Model & Pricing - Videos and guide on business models including CAS. 

Marketing Tools & Advice - Templates and guides to help you build marketing programs. 

Sales Tools & Advice  - Presentations, templates and more to help you talk with your customers. 

Downloading Files

Many of the tools and resources provided here are files you can download.  The PDFs you can easily find the "Download PDF" link underneath the PDF.   For the templates and other Office files,   look for the three dots:  and click.  

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