Webinar: The Strategy to Change Your Firm’s Business Model

July 13, 2020

Title: The Strategy to Change Your Firm's Business Model

Date/Time: September 2, 11:00 am PST

Speaker: Jason Blumer, CEO, Thriveal Network and Blumer CPAs

Description: Whether we are in a pandemic or not, there is always value embedded in how firms focus on building their business model. In this webinar, we will study what strategy is since we use that word so much. Then we can approach our future business models with more intention and planning. We'll also explore what parts of your model can make you more valuable to your clients.


  • Firm owners will learn what strategy is
  • Firms will learn from a case study what goes wrong in the building of a business model
  • Firms will learn the struggles of scaling and what problems happen at various team sizes
  • Firms will learn the questions they can use to practically explore what parts of their model can become most valuable

As part of our Bill.com Automating Success webinar series, this webinar will also highlight and help identify key issues and fixes in our fictional case study.  Read more on Klein, Rowe & Co today. 

About Jason Blumer: Jason Blumer founded Thriveal in 2010 as a way for firm owners to connect. In the ten years that Thriveal has been supporting firm owners, Julie Shipp has become an owner with Jason. Together with their team, they support firms in reaching their goals through live events, a monthly podcast, written content, webinars, coaching, consulting, and more. The heartbeat of Thriveal is the online community where firm owners gather to ask questions and share ideas. Questions about any Thriveal programs can be asked by contacting info@thriveal.com.

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KRC Learnings: The Strategy to Change Your Firm's Business Model
KRC Learnings: The Strategy to Change Your Firm's Business Model


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