How Accounting Firm High Rock Uses to Help Build Client Accounting Services

November 9, 2018

Many small businesses are hesitant when it comes to fully outsourcing their accounting services. Accounting firm High Rock knew that hesitation all too well. Founded in 2013, High Rock Accounting has spent years acclimating businesses with outsourcing after seeing how much companies struggle when it comes to AP. Their goal has been to help clients succeed by utilizing technology to boost their efficiency. What they discovered is that serves as a great entry point for client accounting services (CAS) and is an effective way to get clients to loosen their grip on time-consuming accounting functions so they can better utilize their time to grow their business.

Taking the Leap

“Most of our clients didn’t think they could outsource accounting,” shares Melissa Diaz CPA, CFO and Shareholder of High Rock. “After they outsourced to us, they say it has changed the entire way they think about accounting. They now have confidence in their financials and don’t worry about accounting anymore.” provides an ideal entry point for outsourced accounting services. Getting clients to implement has been easy for High Rock, because High Rock uses it themselves for both AP and AR. Clients receive their High Rock monthly invoice through, and as a result are familiar with and appreciate the system’s ease of use and accuracy. Once the High Rock Accounting team shows companies how works, the client immediately sees the value. High Rock stays involved in the entire process, providing expert guidance along the way.

As Diaz explains: “ is a great place to start for CAS. If someone isn’t ready to take the leap, it provides a significant step towards getting them to a fully outsourced accounting system.

Between easy-to-use interfaces and built-in training and implementation assistance from, clients quickly understand that embracing the cloud is a positive experience and that a move to fully outsourced accounting makes a lot of sense.

Client in Focus: SMART Brain Aging

One of High Rock’s many clients that has reaped the benefits of is SMART Brain Aging, a healthcare technology company that strives to reduce the cognitive decline in aging brains through the delivery of research-supported programs, both in person and online. Implementing has drastically reduced the amount of time the company spends on billing.

SMART Brain Aging, like many businesses, used to rely on a manual AP system. More than 40 contract therapists would submit paper timesheets each week, which then needed to be manually uploaded to the system before they could be approved. Approving that many timesheets and then manually processing payments for the contractors involved a significant investment of time each week.

Then SMART Brain Aging switched to

With the entire AP process automated, the company found themselves approving and paying bills significantly faster. The system also notifies the therapists when payments are made, eliminating the need to spend time fielding calls from contractors who want to know where their money is. Come tax time, having everything in also makes it easier for High Rock to help SMART Brain Aging prepare and send out 1099s.

SMART Brain Aging is just one example of how High Rock is helping its clients succeed by embracing the power of technology. Intuitive solutions like are a crucial part of modern client accounting services, because they serve as a gateway to fully outsourced accounting while helping clients to be more streamlined and efficient in the process.

In the world of CAS, is a win-win. By starting a risk-free trial today, your clients can move one step closer to making the leap to outsourcing.

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