April 2023: Help Center Redesign & Virtual Assistant Improvements

Our Help Center has a new look and feel with improved browsing functionality, making it easier to find answers to your questions. You'll also notice we've improved our Virtual Assistant with the power of AI, so you can instantly get in touch with advocates and get help in real time. 

Here’s some of the changes you'll see in the new Help Center: 

Refreshed look and feel You'll notice a new color, typography and illustrations on the homepage. We've also updated how we organize our content so you can now search by use case.

Updated search bar The search experience is more intelligent with the power of AI. You will be prompted with common articles based on your input.

Smarter Virtual Assistant A new virtual assistant is available to provide relevant Help Center articles, solutions in product, and connect you with available agents. 

New help drawer experience When you click the (?) icon in the upper right corner of the BILL header in product a new tab will open. Depending on the page you are on within BILL,  you'll either land on the Help Center homepage or a specific topic page containing relevant articles that correspond to the BILL page you were on before clicking the (?) icon.

Access to old help center articles  All of the content and details that existed in previous Help Center articles will remain available. 

Refreshed look and feel

Old homepage:

New homepage:

Updated search bar

Smarter Virtual Assistant

Old Virtual Assistant:

New Virtual Assistant:


New help drawer experience 

Old help drawer:

New homepage replacing the help drawer:


Help Center articles

Old Help Center articles:

New Help Center articles:

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