Editing Your Lead Directory Listing

Once you have logged into your account, you will see the option to edit your profile in the 'Our Public Profiles' section. You can ignore the 'Find Partners" and "Our Directory' sections. those sections are included if you would like to use PartnerPage for your own partner directory. If you have any questions about that, please email support@partnerpage.io.


About Section

This is where you will enter your company name, website address, and company description.


To add your logo, click in the area titled 'Company logo' or you can drag and drop your logo into this section. Recommended size is a minimum of 400px, and the file should be a JPG or PNG. Once the logo has been added, it can always be replaced by clicking 'Replace image'.


Locations Section

Set the primary location by choosing the country, state/province, and city. To add additional locations, click '+ Add Location'. This will add another location drop-down section to choose country, state/province and city for as many locations as needed. Once the additional location information has been filled in, click 'done'. 

From here, the additional location can be removed by clicking the red 'X' or additional locations can be added by clicking '+ Add Location' and repeating the steps of filling in country, state/province, and city. 

Primary location shown here on the Bill.com Partner Page. 


Past Work and Videos

Adding Past Work

The 'Past Work' section can be used for images or screenshots and for marketing purposes. To add past work, first click on '+ Add past work'. 


After clicking '+ Add past work', fill in the title of the work, description, then upload the file that is going to be featured. A JPG, PNG, or PDF can be uploaded. 


After dragging the file into the upload area, click 'Done' and the work will be added to the Partner Page. 


From here, you can add additional past work, edit existing work, or delete past work. 


The work will be shown as thumbnails until the user clicks on the thumbnail, which will show the work larger along with the description in a pop up window. The user will have the option of scrolling through the work by hitting 'Next' or 'Previous'. 


Adding Videos

To add videos, first click on '+ Add video'. 


Add the video name and URL, then click 'Done'. Make sure to grab the embed URL, which can be found in the 'Share' options. 


From here, you can add additional videos, edit existing videos, or delete videos. 


The videos will be shown beneath the 'Past Work' section on the Single Partner Page. To play the videos, click on the thumbnail and play them within the pop up window. Clicking 'Previous' and 'Next' will allow the user to go to the next or previous video within the pop up window. 


Adding Client Logos

Click '+ Add Client'. 

Fill in the company name and either drag and drop the client logo into this section or click within the dotted line to pull open a screen to locate the PNG or JPG file. 

From here, the logo can be edited, deleted, or additional logos can be added by clicking '+ Add client' and repeating the process. 



To add a resource such as a PDF, link to a website, or social media links, click '+ Add resource'. 


Resources can either be links to a URL or an image or PDF can be uploaded. For a link, add the name of the resources, click 'Link to an image or PDF' and then paste the URL dedicated to the image or PDF. 


To upload an image or PDF directly, click 'upload an image or PDF', add the name of the resource, and either click or drag the image or PDF into the dotted lined area. 


Once the image or PDF has been uploaded, click 'Done'. 


After clicking 'Done', the resource will be added to the list of resources and can always be edited or removed. 


Editing Filters

In the 'Filters' section, check all appropriate boxes that apply to your firm in the respective categories, and click 'Save'. 


Completed Profile 

Once you have completed your profile, Bill.com will update your profile from 'Hidden' to 'Public'. Then your profile will be live, and will look similar to the finished profile screenshot below. 

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