CPE Credit Course

March 30, 2020

Take the first step toward becoming an accountant entrepreneur while also earning 2 CPE credits by reading our eBook, Shifting Your Mindset: How To Grow and Scale a Modern Accounting Firm, and completing the final exam.

The book is broken up into 6 sections:

  • Thinking Differently – Gain insight on how to move away from the traditional mindset and begin to think like an accounting entrepreneur.
  • Creating Deeper Client Connections - Learn how to cultivate long-term, unshakable client loyalty.
  • Building a Staff for the Future – Understand how to build, grow, and lead a remote workforce.
  • Growing Your Firm Like a Pro - Discover secrets to growing your firm faster than most.
  • Mastering the Art of Selling – Overcome client objections with education on the elements of a winning sales process and an in-depth discovery exercise.
  • Pricing on Value - Learn how to have the “value conversation” with clients and uncover what they really need from you.

​Please follow this link to CPA Academy to access the ebook and additional information on how to earn 2 CPE credits.

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