Ideal Spend & Expense Customers

We often get asked who the ideal customer is for Divvy. We can honestly say that Divvy works well for everyone! But here are some indicators to look for in your clients to help you identify which clients will see the most immediate benefit.
Divvy is good for

  • Organizations of all sizes; though we do see more success for clients who are past the start-up phase.
  • Clients whose employees need to use corporate cards for expenses.
  • Companies that deal with regular reimbursements (i.e. travel, items for events, etc.).
  • Companies that deal with regular subscriptions like software subscriptions.
  • Companies who spend money on ads (we have a great cashback program for advertising spend).
  • Organizations that regularly give their employees stipends.
  • Companies who pay out bonuses or SPIFFs/SPIVs to employees.
  • Organizations interested in having a real-time view into everyday company spend.
  • Companies looking to build credit (via our Credit Builder program).
  • Companies who have multiple EINs/entities because Divvy simplifies this tracking.
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