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The summary

Ignite Spot Accounting Services was founded in 2007 for one specific reason: to make businesses profitable. They specialize in small business accounting support and emphasize closing the gap between a CEO and the business’s accountant. By focusing on all aspects of business finance like bookkeeping, taxes, and coaching, Ignite Spot strives to build a close and beneficial relationship with each of their clients.

Interview with Dan Luthi: https://getdivvy.com/case-studies/ignite-spot/

Using Divvy for clients

Divvy transformed the way Ignite Spot helped their clients each month. The process of closing the books, normally fraught with dozens of hours of data entry, receipt chasing, and transaction hunting, became faster and smoother. Instead of doing four to five times the work and scrambling to get done on time, Ignite Spot found themselves closing the books of clients who used Divvy on time every time.

“In terms of time savings or time efficiency, it’s almost exponential!” – Korbyn Gallegos, Controller at Ignite Spot

As Ignite Spot referred more of its clients to use Divvy, they found added benefits beyond immediate crisis support and expense management solutions. As a firm focused on building trust and close relationships with their clients, it was important for Ignite Spot to change the way clients perceived their relationship with their accountant.

Divvy helped turn Ignite Spot into a true partner with their clients, allowing them to be the resource clients turn to for advice on growing their business and saving them money.

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