Managing Your Account Settings & Leads


You can access your profile settings at any time by clicking on your name in the bottom left corner. 



From here, you can click on 'My Account' to change your name or password, add additional team members within the 'Team' section, or you can logout. 


To invite additional team members, simply click on 'Team', 'Invite Team Members', and fill in their name and email, then click 'Send Invitation'. This will automatically trigger an email notification to get them into the system. 



Managing Leads

You will get leads from your directory listing, and all team members will get email notifications with the details of those leads. An example email is below. The emails come from PartnerPage, and include a link to manage the lead within your PartnerPage account. 


Once you click on 'Manage lead', it takes you to PartnerPage and into your Directory profile where you can then view the lead, accept the lead, or decline the lead if you so choose. 

Below is what the lead looks like, and all you need to do is click on the lead to view all of the details. 


From here you can accept or decline the lead to let know that you are or are not going to work with the customer who submitted the lead.

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