Price Increase FAQ

FAQs for firms who created their first AC console prior to July 1, 2022. 

1. Why are prices increasing?

As a software-as-a-service platform, is continually working to improve our product. In order to deliver new innovation on an ongoing basis, we release new features and make investments in our platform and technology monthly. These efforts are made so that we can help our customers work more efficiently, whether in the office or remotely, saving time spent on AP by as much as 50%. 

2. What prices are changing?

Prices are changing for Entity, User, and Transaction fees. We are NOT increasing the Console fee. 

If you have questions regarding how your current price plan will be impacted, please contact your account manager or chat with our support team through the help center to understand the update to your current plan. 

Transaction fee updates are:

Pay Faster expedited checks

  • Overnight: $22.99
  • 2 day: $17.99
  • 3 day: $11.99

International wire transfer: $14.99

3. What additional value is delivering that merits the increase? 
In the last several years we’ve released substantial innovation to transform the way you serve your clients. For a summary of all the features and capabilities we have launched in the past two years, please visit our release notes. To highlight some of the features and services:

Dynamic approvals engine 

More customizations that allow you to create approval policies for your clients based on multiple criteria such as department, vendor, geography, chart of account, and more.

Dual control policy  

Safeguard key actions by requiring a second admin approval to reduce the risk of fraud or error.

Expanded payment options

Pay any bill by credit card: A feature that allows your clients to use their own credit card to pay bills, even if their vendor doesn’t accept credit cards.

International payments: Local currency payments to over 130 countries via international wire transfer.

Enhanced AI capabilities

One-click bills from the Inbox: Quickly save bills and proceed to pay with just one click, right from the inbox. 

Auto-split PDF documents:  Separate multi-page documents automatically into individual bills for your clients.

Single Sign-On

Grant authorized users access through one sign-in, including G Suite (Google), Auth0, Centrify, Microsoft Azure, Okta, and more.

Custom dimensions for Sage Intacct users 

Add up to 6 Sage Intacct custom dimensions to your clients’ bills for enhanced  sync from Sage Intacct to 

Deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics now integrates with Great Plains and Business Central.

Two-way purchase order (PO) matching 

Improve accuracy and eliminate the need to switch between systems with two-way match for POs synced from Sage Intacct and Oracle Netsuite.

4. When does the new pricing for my plan go into effect and when will I see it on my bill?

New pricing is effective starting with the January 2023 billing cycle and reflected on the February 2023 bill.

5. What can I do to change the subscription rate plan(s) we are on? 

We continue to offer volume discounts based on the number of clients you add to the console.  Please reach out to your account rep or chat with our support team through the help center.

Additional questions or concerns?  Please contact your account manager directly, or log into your Console and select Support on the bottom navigation bar.

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