Sage Intacct Integration

Fully automated expense reconciliation with Divvy + Sage Intacct.

When you connect Sage Intacct to Divvy, 1+1 really does equal 3. Save your team time and energy with streamlined spend reconciliation.

The days of missing transactions and double reconciling your expenses are gone with Divvy’s automated integration with Sage Intacct. Built on the back of’s powerful integration with Sage Intacct, you’ll be able to connect Divvy to Sage Intacct through a free data connection, powered by Every transaction is perfectly matched to your GL codes exactly how you see them in Sage Intacct. At Divvy our goal is to completely automate your expense management. When you integrate with Sage Intacct, you can sync your Divvy transactions automatically each night or with the simple click of a button if you want manual control.

Integrating Divvy Data with Sage Intacct has never been easier

  • Easy setup and connection

  • Time savings by syncing data automatically between Divvy and Sage Intacct as powered through BILL

  • Peace of mind knowing that your expenses exactly match your pre-defined GL

  • Faster month end with less time spent manually importing data meaning less overhead for staff
  • No fees for integration

Product Features

GL field matching: Pull all of your GL Accounts, Departments, Locations, Classes, and Projects from Sage Intacct into Divvy to speed up and automate reconciliation

Pre-coded transactions: Transactions that sync from Divvy to Sage Intacct arrive pre-coded with all fields you choose to integrate. Spenders easily code their own transaction from our award winning mobile app

Auto Sync: Automatically sync your Divvy data each night into Sage Intacct, making month-end close easier than ever.

Optional Manual Sync: Admins can manually sync between Divvy and Sage Intacct through as part of month- end close or they can choose to automate the process using daily auto sync functionality— whichever works best for you.

"The best parts of the integration are the elimination of manual processes that are prone to error and the massive amount of time it saves me. It allows me to push out my reports to stakeholders a lot quicker and has knocked a day off of my monthly close.”  - Rukudzo Chawora, Head of Finance at Infinite Choice

Watch the Divvy Sage Intacct Overview: 


Enjoy a truly integrated experience in Divvy with the Sage Intacct integration, powered by Go check out and reach out to us with any questions. We’re happy to help.

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