February 2023: Sequential/non-sequential post transaction review

February 21, 2023

You can now create customized approval flows that allow you to stay on top of  spending and keep it within policy. Choose between sequential and non-sequential flows and route transactions to the appropriate people for approval, ensuring a streamlined and efficient approval process.


With your new approval flows, you can:

  • Build approval flows that aren’t tied to your budget structure: Create approval flows that mirror your org chart through multiple team managers, even if they aren’t in the budget, and choose whether their approvals need to happen in a specific order (sequential) or in any order (non-sequential). 

  • Save time with approval flows that focus your efforts: Create different approval flows for different budgets. For example, eliminate approval flows for your ad spend budget, but instigate strict approval flows for your Travel and Expense budget.

  • Customize rules based on transaction amount: For example, set up rules where less than $50 doesn’t need approval, between $50-500 needs manager approval, and above $500 needs admin approval.

To more accurately reflect these new approval flow steps, your transaction status tags have also been updated. You can learn more about the new status tags here.

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