BILL Overview Presentation for Clients

December 19, 2022

Attracting and selling to clients and prospects

Live demonstration can be a very powerful sales tool. Don’t we all want to see how something works before we buy it? Live webinars are an ideal platform to reach many clients at once, show the benefits of your bill pay or client accounting services offer, and open up a dialogue to answer questions or address hesitations all at once.

When setting up a live webinar, you should make a plan with your team and take the following steps into consideration:

  • When do you want to host a webinar?--Timing is everything. Mondays are often our busiest day of the week and Fridays can make it difficult to capture full attention. Consider running a webinar Tues-Thurs and experiment with different times of day.
  • Who do you want to attend?--Form a list of possible prospects that you want to invite and of course who will be hosting/presenting.
  • What platform should you use?--Whether it’s Zoom, GoToWebinar, or any other public platform available, make sure you pick one with the capabilities you need, learn the ropes, and set up the webinar well ahead of time. We recommend at least 30 days to start sending out invitations and giving you enough time to recruit.
  • How do you reach your audience?--This is a great opportunity to create an email campaign to invite all of your targeted prospects to the webinar. Consider sending multiple emails ahead of the presentation date, including initial invitation, a reminder email closer to the set date, and a confirmation email to those that have signed up.
  • How do you measure success?--Take the time to create success metrics for your efforts so you can continue to make your process better. How many prospects did you invite? How many signed up? How many attended? How many were you able to convert into customers? By answering these questions you can begin to determine the success of your webinars and make adjustments to help improve their ROI.

While live demonstrations have their benefits, we live in a world of convenience. Many prospective clients want to learn more about your offer on their own time. For this reason, you may also want to create a pre-recorded demonstration to host on your website or to email to prospects.

You can add to and customize the deck below for your bill pay and CAS related webinars and demonstrations for prospective clients. Instructions are included within the deck, but feel free to reach out to your account manager for tips and best practices, as needed:

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BILL Overview Presentation for Firms

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