Identify key stakeholders that stand to benefit most

Whether by service offering or vertical, most large firms have separate departments led by their respective partners and managers. It’s their client portfolios that stand to benefit directly from your service offering. Let’s face it, if their client is running a business, they’ve got bills to pay. So why not share the good news with those department heads?

Take a moment to think about the leadership within your firm and who might be willing to collaborate with your team in cross-selling services. Tax professionals, for example, can gain significant benefits from having the firm manage their clients’ back office. While their relationship with the client can remain the same, the amount of time they’ll have to spend cleaning up at year end, chasing down documents, and resolving exceptions can be greatly reduced. This frees up time for them to take on additional clients and increase revenue, or at the very least not have to work those long hours during tax season.

If you have a partner who specializes in nonprofit organizations, is a great solution to keep them compliant and audit-ready. It also allows them to create a separation of duties that can be managed anywhere, anytime. Your service offering can help prevent common fees and fines that nonprofits face regularly, saving them money, and also freeing up their time to focus on doing what they love. These are just a couple examples of identifying a partner and understanding how you can create a mutually beneficial relationship. Now, let’s dive deeper into pitching your offer to work with their client portfolio.

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Clearly articulate the benefits of your offering for the firm
Clearly articulate the benefits of your offering for the firm

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