Offer training for staff across the firm

One last thing to ensure a successful cross-selling environment is to offer up high-level training to other staff members of the firm. These are the people on the frontlines, working with clients day in and day out. They know their clients’ needs better than anyone and can be the most valuable resource for referrals.

Host a lunch-and-learn or a happy hour and get them excited about your CAS offering. Tailoring your pitch deck for this audience, you can show them the benefits to their clients and for the firm. Some key items to include in your training session:

  • How this service can benefit the firm/client relationship
  • What your ideal client persona looks like
  • The pain points you’ve outlined previously and how your service solves them
  • Some basic probing questions to see if the client is a fit
  • How to send leads to your team using the referral system you’ve created, or a single point of contact
  • Any incentives you may be able to offer to help accelerate lead generation

It takes a village to grow a service offering, so keep in touch with partners, colleagues, and staff, and keep generating excitement within the firm. The more they know about your CAS practice, the more likely they are to send you new customers!

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