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Oftentimes, cross-selling to partners can feel like a difficult sell. What’s in it for them seems intangible and yet possibly the most valuable of benefits—reduced risk for the client relationship by adding more fraud protection, cleaner AP, and more control of their back office. It’s no secret that the more ingrained a firm is in their clients’ business, the more likely they are to stick around. This also opens up the door to selling other services down the road, like accounts receivable, payroll, and financial close.

So how do we deliver the good news? First, let’s think about what we want to say. When communicating to partners and other key stakeholders, use messaging that speaks about the benefits for their clients. Here are some examples:

  • Clients want better bill management helps eliminate your clients’ pain points, letting them focus on their business—not tedious accounting processes.

  • Bill pay is a profitable revenue stream

Deliver more value to clients and increase profits with By helping your clients automate the bill pay process, we can deliver a new revenue stream while solving their problems.

  • Gateway to Client Accounting Services(CAS)

Bill pay is the easiest starting point for building a CAS practice. CAS accounted for 9% of client fees in 2016, up over 200% from 2014.

Check out this benchmarking report from for more valuable statistics and information about offering client accounting services.

Take some time to create messaging that you know will resonate with your colleagues. Once you’ve cultivated the message you want to get across, let’s build on it and deliver it in a presentation. We’ve created a presentation template to get you started. This deck provides a high-level overview of and the benefits it delivers for pitching bill pay alone. It also includes templates for pitching your overall CAS offering and tech stack.

From there you can:

  • Add your logos and company theme
  • Create slides that speak directly to the value of your total CAS offer
  • List customer pain points and how your solution solves them
  • Show your entire tech stack and how each solution fits in
  • Provide key performance indicators like ROI, retention, and growth %
  • Highlight team members and key points of contact
  • Demonstrate how leads can be identified and passed to your team

Once your pitch deck is assembled and you’ve practiced it front to back, start connecting with your colleagues and set a meeting—either one-on-one or to select partners in a group. You know the offer and the benefits to your clients and firm, and you’ve got the numbers to prove it. Now it’s time to share it with your colleagues and kickstart some new lead generation.

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