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Your Next Clients Are Your Tax Clients

Tax season offers the perfect opportunity to talk to tax clients about their needs and proactively suggest additional valuable services, like We have three resources to get you started.

1. For you: If you have colleagues in the tax practice who are not aware of the many ways that using can benefit their clients, start by reading this downloadable 1-page flyer.

2. For your tax colleagues: Copy the email template below to introduce to your tax colleagues.  

3. For your tax clients: The email template below also includes a link to a handout your tax colleagues can share with their clients.

Email template

To: [Tax Colleague]

From: [Me]

Subject: Tax Season is Selling Season


Hey [Tax Colleague],


When you meet with your clients during tax season, check to see if they have any of these bad accounting symptoms. If they do, please send them my way as our accounting services can help them get back on track. 

·      Missing papers and expense documentation

·      Disorganized and out-of-date books and files that require cleanup

·      Slow, manual accounting and bill payment process

·      No segregation of duties or documented payment approvals


Attached is a handout for your clients that explains how we can upgrade and simplify their AP and AR processes with




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