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Top Social Media Resources for the New Breed of Online Accountants

With the move to online accounting, social media is playing an increasingly important role in driving new business growth for accountants. Some customers get all of their new business leads through social media.

When the new crop of clients are looking for online accounting services, they are most likely researching accounting firms online. Instead of spending all your time diving into social media with a “publish or perish” mindset, carve out a few hours each month to read about successful social media campaigns and activities. Once you know what works, you’ll be much more effective with your time.

Below are links to social marketing resources where you can learn how to get more business results from social media. Customer Profiles - Find out how your peers grow their businesses with these articles in the blog.

Social Media Examiner - This group of experts has a popular social media marketing industry report that will give you an overview of the effectiveness of campaigns for business to business (B2B) campaigns. They give useful, actionable tips.

Twitter for Business - There’s a ton of tips here on using Twitter effectively, as well as access to the Twitter Small Business Blog. Be sure to also check out their resources page.

Buffer Blog - Buffer is a popular social media management tool.  Their product helps marketing managers schedule social posts, but they also have a blog where they share best practices for using all types of social media.

HubSpot Marketing Blog - This is another great blog site that is able to use data from their large customer base to provide best practices. HubSpot is more comprehensive than Buffer and covers a full spectrum of marketing, including awesome tips for content marketing.

Social Media Today - This site covers the social media industry, tools, and trends. If you are looking for an innovative idea for a social media campaign, check their articles for inspiration.

LinkedIn Blog - Along with Twitter, LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media tools to get referral traffic in B2B campaigns. Check the LinkedIn Blog for articles about LinkedIn communities. 

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