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A/P and A/R Client Evaluation Questionnaire

We developed this client questionnaire template to help you identify good candidates for using

You can ask these questions in person, or email the questionnaire to your clients. To customize the document with your logo, click the Header section.

The first five questions groups are key to quickly identify qualified candidates that will benefit from your services:

  1. How many W2 employees do you have?
  2. How much time is spent on paying bills and handling accounts payable each month?
  3. Does your organization/company have operations in multiple locations? Do you have any employees who work from home or in remote offices?
  4. How much time do you spend each month on customer invoicing?
  5. How are important documents such as invoices and contracts stored?

The other questions in the template will help you dig deeper into your clients’ needs. 

There are two files to download. The second document, "Results Analysis", will help you interpret the completed questionnaire. 

With this information, you’ll have what you need to communicate the value your services will provide to your clients.

Download questionnaire (DOCX)

Download results analysis (PDF)

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