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Accountant Resource Center

Tools for growing a successful bill payment and receivables practice


How do I use this Accountant Resource Center?

The Accountant Resource Center is curated to bring you proven tools and advice that will help you grow your practice.  We’ve learned what works by helping thousands of accounting professionals like you realize success. And, we’ve interviewed many of the top performing firms to learn their secrets of success.  All of this is organized in easy-to-use sections.

  • Getting Clients to “Yes” offers tools and advice on how to convince current and prospective clients to try You’ll find a client evaluation questionnaire, demo videos, a customizable PowerPoint presentation, and much more.
  • Pricing Services Right has an insightful whitepaper that gives you advice on how to profitably price your services.  There’s also a useful tool to share with clients that illustrates the hidden costs of paper or computer checks.
  • Setting Up Clients provides you with guidelines on how to get clients started. There is background information for you to prepare for the setup, PowerPoints you can present to clients, and handouts you can give your clients' staff.
  • Training for Accountants starts with quick getting-started videos so you get off on the right foot. Then you can become a certified expert with access to the self-guided training program - and earn up to 7 CPE credits.
  • Spreading the Word is chock-full of advice on how to find new clients.  You’ll get tips from leading firms and practitioners. There’s even helpful instructions on how to get started with social media.

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