Your Next Clients Are Your Tax Clients

Tax season offers the perfect opportunity to talk to tax clients about their needs and proactively suggest additional valuable services, like We have three resources to get you started.

  1. For you: If you have colleagues in the tax practice who are not aware of the many ways that using can benefit their clients, start by sharing the Partner Overview Deck, in the Sales Tools & Advice Section.

  2. For your tax colleagues: Set up some time to meet with your tax colleagues and use the Partner Overview deck to start the conversation. When they're ready to reach out to their clients, they can use the email templates as well as the co-branded brochures.

  3. For your tax clients: The email templates in the marketing kit are ready to go to both new and existing clients. You can customize aswell, and add in a handout or direct them to your co-branded landing page.

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