Social Media Best Practices for Accountants

Everything you need to know about using social media to promote your practice.

Social Media.

You’re no doubt familiar with it on a personal level, but did you know the amazing business benefits of an engaged online presence?

Social media, when done right, is an incredible tool to implement into your ongoing marketing efforts. It’s low-cost, easy to adopt, and offers a wealth of potential for building your firm’s brand.

Social Media for Accountants

When you run an accounting practice, it’s imperative to demonstrate your expertise in your field—and social media will help you establish your role as financial advisor. To begin you must consider these four key areas of your business:

1. Engagement

By being on multiple social media platforms, your business will be able to expand its reach, cultivate new followers & fans, and engage online with key industry influencers.

2. Brand Exposure

Simply put, the more social media impressions you garner the more eyes you have on your business. Plus, your competitors will no doubt be active on the same platforms. It’s important to use social media as a tool to prove that you offer the best services.

3. Support

Customers and potential customers consistently reach out to businesses on social media. Having active channels promotes brand engagement and gives users a sense of what your firm offers.

4. Thought Leadership

Posting relevant content that is engaging and educational in nature solidifies your voice in the industry—if your online community trusts your judgment they will feel more apt to hire your firm.

Social Media 101

As a business, you’ll find that social media profiles are some of the easiest and fastest ways to build your firm’s brand and set you on the path to thought leadership in your industry.

__Decide what social platforms are best for your firm. __

We recommend starting with the big three (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) then go from there. If you’re targeting B2B, maybe Google+ is a strategic addition to your SEO efforts. If you’re interested in showcasing your firm’s culture, Instagram might be the perfect addition.

__Implement an automated, cloud-based social publishing tool. __

Our recommendations are Sprout Social and Hootsuite. These tools are crucial when it comes to scheduling and publishing your social posts, and they offer robust analytics that provide insight into your current and potential audience.

Track your efforts by designating key KPIs.

Start with follower growth then move to basic engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments.) Having valuable metrics in place will give you a clear understanding of which social platforms are best for your firm.

Enlist employees and partners to build social clout.

Advocacy is a huge trend in the social sphere right now. By enlisting your firm’s employees and partners to promote your content on their social channels, you’ll gain an authentic edge that will greatly speak to potential clients.

The key to a successful social marketing strategy is to focus on what works best for your particular audience. Social media should not give you an aneurysm — it should be a strategy, and a tool, that is used to help your firm succeed.

Go forth, friends! Tweet, post, like, share, comment — and become social superstars.


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