Logo Guidelines

If you are a member of the Accountant Program, you may use and display the logo in accordance with the branding policies and guidelines below. Featuring the logo on your firm’s website and marketing materials is a great way to let your clients know you’re using the smartest, easiest platform for managing their business payments. logo

  • Keep it as-is
    Don’t change the color or layout of the logos, or remove any trademark symbols. If something doesn’t look right to us, we may ask you to replace or remove the logo.

  • Link back to us
    If you’re using the logo on a webpage, please link the image file to This way, your client can learn more about and its benefits.

  • Use the right one
    We offer two logos: one for use on light backgrounds, and one for use on dark backgrounds. To ensure that the logo displays correctly, pick the appropriate version for your background. logo for use on light backgrounds logo for use on light backgrounds

Download the logo logo for use on dark backgrounds logo for use on dark backgrounds

Download the logo

Terms of use

Use of the brand and logo is subject to our Terms of Service and/or any additional agreement between you and You may only use and display the logo if your firm offers services using and is a member in good standing of the Accountant Program.

If your firm cancels its Program membership, the logo must be removed from your website and all marketing materials. Display of our standard logo cannot be used to, and does not, imply that certifies that your firm has expertise in setup or usage.

Displaying the Certified logo

The Certified logo indicates that a member of your staff has completed certification training.

Make sure you’re certified. The Certified logo may be displayed only by firms that have at least one staff member who has a Console user account and has successfully completed the training. Get the logo. When certification is confirmed, the Certified logo image file is activated and available for download from within your Console account.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Console
  2. Click “Manage Console”
  3. Select Training > Certifications
  4. Download a JPG or PNG version of the badge for marketing materials
  5. Click “HTML” to generate a code snippet you can use on your website

Link back to us
By default, the code snippet will link to the Accountant Directory. If you prefer to link to the website instead, use this URL:

To learn more about becoming Certified, click here. Certified logo

Billcom Certified logo

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