Setting Up New Clients

How to Set Up New Clients

    Onboarding Checklist with Jason Blumer, CPA & Thriveal Founder

    We collaborated with Jason Blumer, CPA & Founder of Thriveal, to create a thorough checklist to help you quickly and easily onboard c...
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    Client Pre-Setup Checklist

    To ensure a quick and efficient setup process, gather this information before you start setup. You can work with your client to complete ...
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    Client Account Setup Overview

    Congratulations on your new client acquisition! The next step is to get your new client up and running successfully on With a l...
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    The Setup Reference Guide provides step by step instructions on how to get up and running on The Setup Guide is compri...
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    Prepare Client Vendors for Payments

    Save your clients money by paying through the Network Help your clients prepare their vendors to get paid via This doc...
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    Workflow Role Assignments - Accounts Payable

    Here's a brief presentation that suggests how to set up accounts payable user roles. Review this before setting up your new clients. Dow...
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Frequently Asked Questions

    Client Set Up Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there people at who will help me set up my staff and clients with Your Account Manager is available to an...
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