Where Opportunity Meets Value: Business Model Trends Report

June 18, 2020

Together with CPA.com and the Hinge Research Institute, we surveyed more than 650 accountants and business professionals who purchase accounting firm services, (buyers), to identify benchmarks and emerging trends that capture the current, and future state of the profession.

We paid special attention to discrepancies in value perceptions between firms and buyers; and coupled with survey data on the leading challenges of these businesses, we believe this information can help accounting firms identify areas of opportunity to leap ahead of the competition.

The survey results suggest that buyers have shifting expectations for their accounting firms. Firms that are able to rise to meet these expectations face a significant opportunity to strengthen their position in the marketplace. Doing so will require embracing the benefits of emerging strategies around pricing, technology, services, and more to create lasting, mutually beneficial client relationships.

This study identifies the trends and benchmarks firm leaders need in order to make smarter, more informed decisions as they move to meet changing client expectations. It also includes insights informed by our decades of experience working to understand the needs of the accounting profession and the clients they serve. Our goal? To provide you with the foundation of insight you need to thrive as our profession continues to evolve.

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