How to create a tactical marketing plan

We hear often that a tactical plan is the hardest for companies and business owners to build. If you’ve gone through the previous steps in detail, the tactical plan becomes easier. You’ve already determined who you’re speaking to, identified client needs, and what you want to communicate—now it’s time to create some goals and break them down into getting things done.

For example, let’s say that you set a goal of building a blog on your website to attract that niche audience. You’ll want to start by building a checklist of To-Dos based on where you are now and where you need to be to meet that goal.

Think of your tactics of before, during, and after:

  • What needs to be done before this strategy launches?
  • What about during?
  • And how do we keep the conversation going after?

If your goal is to build a blog, for example, a high-level tactics list could be:

  • Update and ready the website for a blog; make sure it’s mobile friendly
  • Create a content calendar targeted with answers to your ideal customer’s pain points and needs Create the messaging for advertising your new posts on social channels
  • Build in the next steps for your potential customers once they’re reading the content (such as email capture forms and subscribe options).

From there, break it down into the steps it takes, who is responsible, and how long you think each step will take. I highly recommend building a calendar view. That at-a-glance perspective can really tell you if you’re on track or need to budget in more time to get things done.

This type of strategy planning can be applied to any marketing initiative you take on. Examples of these initiatives are included in the next section.

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