How to have productive conversations with clients

Once you’ve identified client potential, it’s time to reach out and have that conversation. The best conversations start with listening. And surfacing your potential bill pay clients comes from making sure your staff knows what questions to ask and how to actively listen for the answers. The best way to start finding these potential candidates is to make sure your staff knows how to probe for key pain points in conversation. Ask the right questions:

  • How much time per week do you spend paying the bills?
  • Do you have separate bill pay and bookkeeping processes?
  • Are you entering the same data in multiple places?
  • Are you using a manual, paper-intensive process to pay your vendors?
  • Do you have a clear separation of duties to help protect you and your employees from fraud?
  • Is your current process scalable as you continue to grow your business?
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How to recognize client potential
How to recognize client potential

Start by teaching your staff how to identify your best-bet client

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