The Accountant Marketing Playbook

For most firms, marketing can be a daunting and intimidating concept. On the contrary, marketing can be as simple as having a conversation with the consumer. We’ve created this playbook to help you do exactly that.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to:

  • Create messaging and a marketing plan
  • Market your bill pay offer to current clients
  • Take your offer to the market and attract new clients
  • Bring other internal partners and colleagues on board to generate leads within the firm

In addition to best practices and key insights, we’ve also provided a myriad of marketing and sales materials to help you put them into practice:

  • White-label presentation decks
  • Internal and external training materials
  • Email copy templates
  • Blog post templates
  • Reference guides
  • And so much more!

While this playbook will primarily focus on positioning, these guiding principles can also be applied to your client accounting services (CAS) offer as a whole. Take these learnings and apply them to your entire tech stack and service offering.

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