Attract new clients and grab their attention

Earlier when you were launching this service to existing customers, you created your marketing plan. Here is where you execute the tactics for a broader launch. You’re ready to spread the good news and start attracting new clients to the firm!

When you take your offering to the market, you'll be competing with countless other firms for attention. Make sure when you're reaching out to these prospects that you are impactful, memorable, and have a strong call to action.

Update Your Website and Build a Landing Page

Your website should always be your core call to action. This is where you’ll send prospects to learn more about your automated bill pay service. If you have a services page, be sure to update it. Update any packaging or pricing pages, as well.

Add a dedicated landing page that explains your bill pay service in detail. That page should highlight the value propositions and offer a few screen captures of your bill pay system. Include a quote or case study from one of your existing customers. The best and most successful tactic is referrals, and a quote or two from your happy customers will speak volumes.

Here are some resources to help you build your page:

Attract New Clients with Social Media

Most buyers of services look at companies online long before they reach out to connect. They’re looking at your website, and they’re looking at the presence you have, if any, on the social media platforms they enjoy. By this point, you should know enough about your target clients to know where they spend their time online.

As you take your offer to the broader market, make a plan to announce it on social media. Not often do you get to launch a brand new product. Take the time to get your website ready, put together some copy and imagery, and create a clear call to action for interested prospects to follow.

Revisit our social media DOs and DON’Ts and make sure they are applied here as well. In addition to those best practices it’s important to remember one thing: Don’t just sell. Instead take time to share your expertise. Consider other content your clients might find useful. Look to other blogs and resources, such as the blog, where you can find a number of articles focused on small businesses and more.

Hold Webinars on your services and other topics

Just as we provided for current clients, live webinars are an ideal platform to reach many external prospects as well, to show the benefits of your bill pay offer and how you can bundle services together to save them time and money. This is a great opportunity to share customer testimonials to teach potential clients about how you help your current clients thrive.

As mentioned in the Demo Webinars section above, you can refer to our ‘Webinar in a Box’ guide for more detail on running a live demo and white label assets to get you started.

Email Your Lists

If you’ve been building an email list, now is the time to use it. Did you schedule a webinar around your new service? Send an email campaign to your subscriber list inviting them to attend. You can also build email campaigns to highlight your new service: Show how you can alleviate some of their pain points, invite them to a webinar, invite them to visit your blog articles or website, or set up time to talk with you. Putting your new service in front of them may be just what they need to take action.

Here are a few templates you can use to begin crafting communications to prospective client leads. Use the email plain text samples and add them into your email marketing service—be sure to include the co-branded brochure or video.

Get tips on how to make sending emails a quick and simple task, in the Accountant Resource Center article Email Tips and Tricks to Up Your Game.

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