Document Verification to Complete Account Setup

February 20, 2020

If the system is unable to verify your identity automatically through the verification questions, we'll ask you to upload a couple of documents to complete the verification manually.

If you receive this request, please click on the link below to complete your account setup:

Manual verification process

Once verified, you will be able to complete the account setup and will not be required to answer the identity questions for this account.  


Email Request for Documentation

If we still require more information, our team may Request for Additional Documentation prior to releasing payments.  Administrators on the account will be sent an email notification of the request.  To securely submit the requested documents, log in to your account as instructed in the email notification.

To send this information securely, please follow the steps below:


1. Log in to the account associated with the ticket

2. Click Support in the left navigation pane

3. In the Support Center, click Message Center on the top right corner

4. Click the Ticket ID or the subject line of the corresponding ticket

5. To reply, enter comments or questions in the open text field and click Submit.

6. Our team will reach back out to you via a message in your Message Center promptly.

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