Adding Clients Flow

Quick Summary:  To improve your operation efficiency so you can get more work done quickly, we improved the steps to add clients in your console.

Update:  The Add Client Flow

Our goal is to help reduce the administrative burden on your team so you can focus on supporting and advising your clients. To achieve that goal, we are going to introduce a more intuitive and optimized user experience to your client onboarding process in the console. The first improvement is to make it faster and easier to add new clients.

These updates include:

  • A more intuitive setup flow with easier clearer instructions.
  • Google Address validation that verifies addresses as they’re being entered to minimize future address issues.
  • Add staff members the moment you add a new client rather than having to navigate to a separate page and add them later.

The old flow: 


The New Flow


With these updates our goal is to make the process easier, faster, and more intuitive for you to add new clients to your console. 


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January 2023: New Weekend Support Hours

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