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January 1, 2020

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April 2020 - Release Highlights

1. Easily control your vendors' addresses to keep them up-to-date

Keep your connected vendor records up to date even when you're linked to their account, and get payments out sooner, to the right place! While we do suggest letting the vendor manage their address in their own account, which will update your vendor record for them, we understand that there may be times this is not possible. In those cases, you can now unlock the vendor's address on your side, and update. Rest assured, this will not break the connection to your vendor, and we will automatically update your records if your vendor does update their address later. 

2. Invite your Canadian vendors to enter their bank information

Avoid payment delays due to incorrect or incomplete bank information, and unnecessary back and forth, by sending invitations to your Canadian vendors. In just a couple easy steps, your Canadian vendors can double check their address, and enter their bank info, so you can start sending payments sooner. 

3. Automatic void and reissue of Vendor Direct payments

Let us help you avoid late fees and save you time monitoring your vendor direct payment statuses. No need to worry if your vendor has misplaced their vendor direct virtual card number, or if they can't process payment. We will keep an eye on it for you, and if the card number isn't processed after 20 days, we'll automatically void the vendor direct payment, and send a new payment via the vendor's backup method - ePayment or check. There is no cost for the reissued payment or the void, and we will notify you and your vendor that a new payment is on the way. 

March 2020 - Release Highlights

iACH Payments to Canada 

To expand your international payment options, you can now choose to send iACH payments or wire payments to your vendors in Canada. iACH payments take 1 business day to deposit to your vendor, vs same day with wires, but iACH payments do not have any bank fees to your vendor. When you set up a Canadian vendor, you can select either method for payments, and change it at any time.

Google Authenticator for backup MFA  

Use Google Authenticator as another way to get backup multi-factor authentication (MFA) codes. Google Authenticator is a free downloadable mobile app that provides a new code every 30 seconds for apps linked to it. Once setup, you can open the app and use the current code as backup MFA in


February 2020 - Release Highlights

Lead time

Lead time preferences, which determine the default process date of your payments, can now be set between -60 and 100 at the account and vendor levels.

Invoice notification

You can now turn off the notification that lets you know your customer has created an invoice, in your notification preferences.

International wire exceptions

If your international wire encounters a delay or exception, we will now update the payment's arrives by date in the payment record, when the exception has been resolved.


Check number sync

We will now sync check numbers from payments to QuickBooks Online, in the payment memo field.

Bank customer or vendor sync

To continue complying with federal recordkeeping laws, if a piece of important info is missing from a vendor or customer in your accounting software, the vendor or customer will not update in and you will see a sync error letting you know what is missing.


December 2019 - Release Highlights

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA at login

In order to reduce interruptions to your workflow, especially at key times in the process, MFA at login has now be enabled for all users. This means when logging in, an MFA code will be required, then you will not be prompted for a code again unless you log out and back in, or you want to add a backup number, change your primary or backup phone numbers, or change/reset your password.

When entering codes, you can also know select to trust each device, which means you will not get prompted for a code on that device for 30 days, unless you want to add a backup number, change your primary or backup phone numbers, or change/reset your password.

MFA for Approvers

Prior to this release, users with the Approver role were not required to set up MFA due to their limited permissions. You can now request that MFA is enabled for your Approvers if you wish. Please contact Customer Support to have this enabled. Also, even if your Approver does not have MFA enabled, they will now be required to enter a phone number and then a code if they request to reset their password. The code will only be required that one time to reset the password, unless they do have MFA enabled.

Additional Resources: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


September 2019 - Release highlights

Company Profile

With this release, we have added the option of editing business type and purpose of use to the Company Profile, on accounts that are not set to Individual Household and Government or Non Profit.


With this release, we have updated the audit trails of bills, so that the actions of all approvers will appear in the audit trail, rather than just the first and last.

Billing Statement Export

You can now export individual billing statements to a CSV, if your account is either not on an Accountant's Console.

Network Icon

We have enhanced the Network Icon by adding a number to the orange notification dot, indicating the number of pending invitations.

International Payments

Vendor type

We have added a vendor type field to vendor records, which is required by some countries to send international wires. This field is required and will need to be updated when adding new or editing existing vendors.

New countries available for wires

59 new countries were added to our International wire offering with this release! See the article below for details.

Click and Capture IBAN and Swift

Click and Capture will now work on IBAN or Swift codes in inbox documents, to make setting up an international wire vendor via quick add as part of bill creation flow easier.

See the September 2019 Release highlights 

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