The Business Case For CAS

October 12, 2019

Accountants understand the positive impact of CAS (client advisory/accounting services) on their firms: they can develop a deeper understanding of their clients’ businesses, step up their advisory role, and build an evergreen revenue stream independent of tax-related work.

But how do business owners—your clients—benefit from CAS?

With more and more businesses outsourcing accounting services, we studied the early growth of the CAS trend, pinpointing what businesses want, the keys to success, and the best entry points into an expanding CAS practice.

Read the full eBook, The Business Case for CAS, to learn:

  • 5 services potential clients want to outsource
  • motivations behind outsourcing strategic
  • entry points for a CAS practice
  • growth comparisons across CAS payment methods
  • the tie between CAS and referrals
  • ...and more!
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