What You'll Need To Create Your Listing

Use this template to gather basic information about your firm. Once your listing has been created you can login using the email and password you created and begin editing your profile in our directory.  


  • Add the URL to your website.

Company Description

  • Tell directory visitors about your company, your vision, and the work that you do.


  • The main area on your profile to showcase visuals. We recommend uploading JPGs or PNGs that reflect your work, your value proposition, and your social proofs. There are 6 media slots available - make sure to use all available slots!


  • Another opportunity to showcase your work, value proposition, and social proofs. This might be screenshots of work examples, or the team.

Client Logos

  • Boost your company's credibility by emphasizing your client's loyalty and endorsement of your brand.


  • A useful catch-all section where you can add URLs, JPGs, PNGs and PDFs that helps to inform directory visitors about your work.

  • These might be case studies, content marketing pieces, blog posts, etc. There are 6 media slots available - make sure to use all available slots!

  • If you link to a Resource item using a URL, you can again use a UTM link to traffic visitors from your directory profile.

Filters: these often include language, location, budget, and services offered

  • Filters are typically set by the directory owners. The goal is to allow the company's customers to find an appropriate partner to help them with a specific job.

For a great example of a PartnerPage profile see: https://zapier.com/experts/xray-tech


Please contact support@partnerpage.io for further help and guidance!



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