Webinar: Efficient Creation of Firm Roles that Scale

Title: Efficient Creation of Firm Roles That Scale

Speaker: Jason Blumer, CEO, Thriveal CPA Network and CEO, Blumer CPAs

Description: Building off of the Journey to a Modern Accounting Firm Map in our first webinar, we will discuss the creation of firm roles that encourage efficiency and provide relief to firm owners while they scale their accounting organization. Firm owners are not free to just add any team role they want and at whatever pace they want. Most strategies are tied to the size of the organization. There are strategies that, when implemented in a particular order, successfully build teams that work effectively. We'll explore those in this important webinar.


  • Discuss the principles and strategy of building roles that can scale
  • Demonstrate how to restructure, replace, remove and/or add new roles using creative titling of roles and building out new levels of capacity to grow
  • Identify the accountability structure and ongoing support larger teams need to continue to operate efficiently
  • Review real examples of proper team building and structuring that improve efficiency practices in firms

About Jason Blumer: Jason Blumer founded Thriveal in 2010 as a way for firm owners to connect. In the ten years that Thriveal has been supporting firm owners, Julie Shipp has become an owner with Jason. Together with their team, they support firms in reaching their goals through live events, a monthly podcast, written content, webinars, coaching, consulting, and more. The heartbeat of Thriveal is the online community where firm owners gather to ask questions and share ideas. Questions about any Thriveal programs can be asked by contacting info@thriveal.com.

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