The Great Migration

May 1, 2019

Learn about the benefits of the new experience and all the migration tools, training, and resources available to firms and clients.

Each year more than 2 million wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania to Kenya and back again. This is known as the great wildebeest migration or simply, “The Great Migration” and is one of the greatest spectacles on Earth. Whether you’ve seen this on a nature show or better yet, witnessed in person, the sights and sounds are indisputably impressive. If you’ll pardon the hyperbole, those of you in the accounting firm community are in the midst of your own Great Migration. You may not be crossing crocodile-filled rivers or dodging lion attacks to the thundering of 8 million hooves, but you’re making your own Great (albeit much easier) Migration in 2019 with

Back in May we introduced the new Intelligent Business Payments Platform - built from the ground up to save you and your clients time and give you more control with a more automated, end-to-end process. The announcement was just the beginning. We gave all accounting firms control over when to move clients over to the new experience, and so The Great Migration began!

Hundreds of firms and thousands of clients have already moved to the award-winning new experience and provided positive feedback on the look and feel of the interface and efficiency gains from the new experience. Read the positive review from the Progressive Accountant to see what the pros think! One thing we’ve heard often is that staff and clients go through a period of adjustment at first, but within a few days they love it! In other words, start that migration and keep going!

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Setting Up Vendors in the New Interface
Setting Up Vendors in the New Interface

This video tutorial shows how to set up a new vendor in the updated interface.

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