Unlocking Revenue Streams: Empowering Micro and Small Businesses to Become Loan-Ready

The role of an accountant transcends numbers; it becomes that of a trusted advisor steering businesses toward growth. Join us as we explore the realm where collaboration and advisory services not only enrich your practice but also lay the groundwork for sustained profitability.

This webinar will help you solidify your role as a trusted advisor, a beacon of guidance and support. We will explore how strategic collaborations with lenders and government agencies can amplify your influence, offering your clients insights that surpass financial figures. As an expert in assisting small business owners, Astrid Daniela Galvez, E.A. will also equip you with the tools to guide micro and small businesses toward loan readiness. Explore how the financial landscape transforms when businesses are armed with the knowledge to navigate loans effectively, setting the stage for their growth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how to strategically position yourself as a trusted advisor by forging relationships with lenders and government agencies.
  • Gain insights into how to incorporate loan readiness advisory services into your practice, and learn how such services can create new revenue streams while enhancing client relationships.
  • Learn effective communication methods to ensure seamless collaboration with lenders, leading to increased chances of loan approval for your clients.
  • Discover practical steps and best practices for guiding micro and small businesses through the process of becoming loan-ready, including financial documentation, budgeting, and optimizing creditworthiness.

About Astrid Daniela Galvez, E.A.

Founder & CEO, Amy Franko Associates
Daniela-ASNBS  | ASNBS Website

As an Enrolled Agent and Quickbooks Online Pro-advisor, Astrid Daniela began her career in the auto finance industry. After 10+ years in the corporate space and with the invaluable support of her two sisters, in 2013 Daniela founded Accounting Specialists and Business Solutions,  LLC. A bilingual (Spanish and English) bookkeeping and tax practice, their primary focus is assisting small business owners, self-employed individuals, start-ups, and entrepreneurs in managing their businesses using cloud-based solutions. 

Originally hailing from El Salvador, Astrid Daniela spent 21 years living in Los Angeles before eventually settling down in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest. Alongside her business endeavors, she is currently pursuing a Master of Taxation Degree at Portland State University,  further expanding her knowledge in the field. 

Beyond the world of  numbers and taxes, Astrid Daniela is an avid runner, hiker, and outdoor enthusiast, constantly seeking new adventures amidst nature.

This webinar is part of our Redefining Value webinar series. View the other virtual events and learn more about this series.

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