Contacting Support and Managing Message Center

October 14, 2019

Our customer support teams and Help Center are here to answer your questions and help you through every step of the way. 

Live Chat Support 

Are you looking for Live Chat? This quick view doc walks you through the steps to finding Live Chat while you're in

 How to access live chat support


 Support Articles

At, you'll find all the articles you need to walk you through account setup, getting paid, connecting with vendors, payables, syncing, international wire payments and more. 

You'll also find video tutorials on the basics. 



Support Articles for the original experience 

 Looking for articles for the original experience?  Go directly to to find the articles that include process and screenshots from the original interface. 



Managing Your Message Center 

You can also send and receive messages through our secure Message Center.  The Message Center is the most reliable, secure way for you to receive messages from Support.

Contact Support Securely Using the Message Center





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