September 2023: Introducing Our Financial Operations Platform and Redesigned BILL Accountant Console

Introducing Our Financial Operations Platform and Redesigned BILL Accountant Console

More automation, more integration, more tools, more capabilities, more CAS opportunities—that's the promise of our new financial operations platform and redesigned Accountant Console. You'll be able to do more with BILL to increase efficiency, visibility, and control—for you and for your clients. Rather than having to piece together solutions from multiple vendors, you can rely on BILL’s integrated platform to seamlessly support your clients’ financial operations across AP, AR, spend, and expense. 

With BILL’s integrated financial operations platform, your clients get visibility and control over their financial operations. Your firm will benefit from automated workflows, accurate data, strong controls, ERP integrations, and a faster month-end close. These efficiencies can enable your firm to expand your CAS offerings and scale—without having to hire more staff. And the ability to offer more capabilities can position you to offer more value to your clients, create stickiness, and increase firm revenue. Happy clients, happy firms.

Soon your console will automatically be upgraded to our newly redesigned Accountant Console. With the new Console you can easily manage clients and staff across all BILL AP/AR and BILL Spend & Expense products. 

A few more exciting things about the newly redesigned Console:

  1. Get fast access to your client accounts no matter which BILL product they use without switching between AP/AR and Spend & Expense logins.

  2. Spot missing bills and see future bill predictions with our new Bill Reminders report powered by machine learning. This report will help you increase the accuracy of your books so that you can have  confidence to be the advisor your clients need.

  3. You can now start the BILL Divvy Corporate Card application for a client and monitor the application status from the Console.

  4. You will be able to see a single task list in the client app, and you'll be able to seamlessly sync cash-in/out and transactional data to your accounting system.

Although the features mentioned above are exciting, there are some limitations to who will be able to access these features as we release. We hope to make all new features available to as many customers as possible. In the meantime, please be aware of the following:

  • Current BILL Spend & Expense (formerly Divvy) clients will not be linked to your upgraded Console at this time. For now, you will continue to manage current BILL Spend & Expense clients as you have been. We are working as quickly as possible to migrate your current clients to your new Accountant Console for greater integration and efficiencies. We will keep you informed as we make updates.

  • Only clients who have been enabled with Spend & Expense (formerly Divvy) from the new console will see the new One-task and One-login features in their BILL AP/AR or Spend & Expense products. If a client has only AP/AR or only Spend & Expense they will not see the new features. Additionally, your existing Spend & Expense clients who also have AP or AR will not see the new features until we migrate those clients to the new console.

  • If you add Spend & Expense to an existing client who already has AP or AR from the new console they will be enabled with the new features.

Watch our interactive demo to learn more.

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