Webinar: Mastering the Business Development Conversation

Title: Mastering the Business Development Conversation

Date/Time: September 17 | 11:00 am PST

Speaker: Amy Franko | Founder & CEO | Amy Franko Associates

Description: Would you be surprised to know that your approach to business development can be one of your top differentiators? Research shows that clients value the overall business development experience with you, and it’s a key factor in the decision to select your firm. One way to optimize the client’s buying experience is to master business development conversations. This is one of the most versatile skills in your toolkit and can be applied to most any client or prospective client situation. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 Intelligence Categories that will help you create effective conversations every time
  • A framework for building conversations that can be used in any client or prospect scenario
  • How to create great questions and weave them into your conversations
  • Phrases that will help you to open and close a conversation, plus create follow-up momentum

As part of our Bill.com Automating Success webinar series, this webinar will also highlight and help identify key issues and fixes in our fictional case study. Read more on Klein, Rowe & Co today. 

About Amy Franko: Amy Franko is the Founder & CEO of Amy Franko Associates. With over 20 years of client-facing sales experience, Amy began her career with global companies IBM and Lenovo before pivoting into entrepreneurship. Today she works with professional services organizations to accelerate their growth results through both strategy and skill development. Her book, The Modern Seller, is an Amazon best seller and was named a top sales book by Top Sales World. She is also recognized by LinkedIn as a Top Sales Voice.

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KRC Learnings: Mastering the Business Development Conversation
KRC Learnings: Mastering the Business Development Conversation

Enhance and streamline the process of converting prospects to loyal, long-time clients.


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