Webinar: The Customer Journey Strategy of Growth

September 3, 2020


Title: The Customer Journey Strategy of Growth

Date/Time: December 10 | 11:00 am PST

Speaker: Misty Megia | CEO | Misty Megia LLC

Description: Understanding the customer journey is one of the quickest ways to identify opportunities for organizations to grow, increase revenue, and expand reach. We will dive into the 7 traditional stages of the customer journey providing you a strategy to examine your firm's customer touch points and determine where you should focus in 2021 to reach your goals. Once you learn this process you can apply it to the overall business plan or even to smaller launch initiatives! In this session, you'll learn:

  • Discover how to expand your reach through the customer journey
  • Develop awareness of growth opportunities for 2021 Strategy Planning
  • Build strong techniques to duplicate this process to drive team success

As part of our Bill.com Automating Success webinar series, this webinar will also highlight and help identify key issues and fixes in our fictional case study. Read more on Klein, Rowe & Co today.

About Misty Megia: Misty Megia (@MistyMegia) CEO of Misty Megia LLC, is a business strategist extraordinaire with over 20 years' experience in market strategy, project management, public speaking, corporate branding, channel marketing and building some of the worlds largest membership programs. Misty has driven success for multiple companies helping them become multi-million dollar entities. She has implemented her techniques across a variety of industries from hardware manufacturing, software developers, green energy, education and the accounting profession to name a few. Most recently she was the Global Head of Education and Program Strategy at Intuit.

Misty’s powerful methods in helping businesses create new revenue streams, develop their brand, streamline operations and bring a fresh eye to a company have positioned her as a leader in her field. She was recently recognized by Accounting Today as one to Watch on the Most Influential People in Accounting, and has been recognized as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting.

She trains high achieving leaders in strategy and public speaking techniques using her varied background in corporations and professional theatre. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her incredible husband Orlando.

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