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We love to share the views of our partners through content.  Join our bench of accountant experts by speaking in a webinar, providing a blog post, or sharing expert tips for our social media channels. Below are a few firms that have recently partnered with us on webinars, blog posts, guides and more. 

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Whether it's a single piece of content or a masterclass we love working with our partners to bring best-in-class content to the accounting industry.  Here are a few programs we've built to help accountants better understand the new landscape of accounting in a digital driven world.

Accountant Entrepreneur Masterclass Designed to help accountants adapt to the rapidly changing world, one where technology has changed the landscape of how they do business--and what clients expect. Whether working in a firm or running your own, this series gives accountants the tools needed to build a modern business.

Scaling Growth Webinar Series  Firms have faced seismic shifts in every aspect of their business and while the story of growth is different for every firm, the journey to get there isn't. This series explores what it takes to grow a modern firm today.

Driving Digital Transformation Webinar Series Teaching firms how to integrate digital tools into their workflow to streamline data entry and improve the way value is delivered to clients.  We understand implementing a digital transformation can be much like preparing for a road trip. You need to identify your final destination, a map showing you how to get there, and you need to be prepared for the journey. This series does just that.

Automating Success Series: Reimagining Your Accounting Firm From The Business Model Up Do you ever wonder what it takes to adapt and thrive through the changes needed for firms today? This program brings industry thought leaders to walk you through what it takes to redefine your business for today’s world. You can follow along with our fictional firm KRC as they learn foundational strategies, build an action item list and prepare for the future.

Contact us to learn more about upcoming opportunities.   


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