CPA Academy Webinar: The Remote Accounting Work Playbook [OnDemand]

April 3, 2020

CPA Academy brings you this Webinar on The Remote Accounting Work Playbook

Course Description:

Your accounting team is now working from home. Great, now what? How does managing your team change and how can you be more efficient while dealing with new distractions? Join Accountingfly CEO Jeff Phillips, who has managed a virtual company for years, as he shares his best practices to make remote accounting work productive while reducing the stress your team is likely facing trying to manage at home.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to make remote accounting work more productive individually for managers and individual contributors
  • How to manage your remote team by implementing communication plans; management by objectives; running remote team meetings.
  • How to lead your team while they are dealing with distractions in the new normal, including kids being at home, distracting news, and being physically away from their team.
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