BILL Spend & Expense: The Power of Client Advisory Success at Parable Accounting

Join us as we explore the success story of Parable, a leading accounting firm specializing in helping churches and non-profit organizations. Discover how Parable Accounting leveraged BILL Spend & Expense over the past few years, experiencing remarkable growth as a direct result.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and address common problems in your client's spend & expense reporting processes
  • Recognize how to facilitate effective conversations with clients to implement essential spend and expense changes and improvements
  • Give examples of how to empower your staff to become expert advisors that meet and exceed your client's expectations
  • Evaluate an introduction to BILL Spend & Expense and the BILL Accountant Console software

About Mario Ruiz

Senior Product Marketing Manager, BILL

Mario is a proven marketing and product strategy leader in the SMB SaaS and Fintech space, delivering high-value solutions to busy and overworked small business segments. His strengths are research, building teams, innovation, content creation, driving initiatives from scratch, competitive intelligence, and full end-to-end Go To Market planning.

Mario's background is in journalism, product management, people management, and marketing which makes him highly qualified to build and lead a team of product marketers to accelerate growth and ensure customers see the value in what they're paying for.

About Dan Pourbaix

Business Development Strategist, Parable Accounting and Bookkeeping

Dan Pourbaix joined Parable to develop strategic services for churches, which are Parable’s primary focus. Previously, he served in an executive pastor role at a large church in Colorado for 10 years. He spent 15 years as a top performing franchisee and area developer with an international franchise where he operated several locations and coached dozens of business owners on successfully operating their franchise. He has experience owning small businesses, consulting small businesses and non-profits with their operations and finances, and investing in real estate.

By combining his passion for the church with his love for business, Dan is focused on helping to create financially healthy churches that excel in stewardship.

About Scott Walton

Partnership Development Manager, BILL

Scott is a Partnership Development Manager with BILL. Scott is based in Denver, Colorado and received his Bachelor's degree from Colorado State University.

Scott has been in accountant partnerships software sales for 6 years and has helped many firms standardize their tech stack.

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