Spend & Expense Management: Integrating Innovative Tools & Policies Into a Firm

Discover the future of expense management as we explore the transition away from traditional expense reports to more efficient solutions, such as BILL's Spend & Expense tool. Join Jason Blumer as he shares insights on implementing this tool within his own firm to enhance expense planning and mitigate risks of fraud and overspending. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key reasons behind the shift in managing expense reports within companies
  • Determine strategies for effective budgeting and oversight of company expenses without compromising financial security
  • Recognize the impact of integrating BILL's Spend & Expense tool into firm policies through a real-world case study
  • Evaluate the outcomes achieved by a firm that successfully incorporated the BILL Spend & Expense product into their operations

About Jason Blumer

CEO, Thriveal Network and Blumer CPAs
Jason Blumer  | @JasonMBlumer

Jason Blumer founded Thriveal in 2010 as a way for firm owners to connect. In the ten years that Thriveal has been supporting firm owners, Julie Shipp has become an owner with Jason. Together with their team, they support firms in reaching their goals through live events, a monthly podcast, written content, webinars, coaching, consulting, and more. The heartbeat of Thriveal is the online community where firm owners gather to ask questions and share ideas.

Questions about any Thriveal programs can be asked by contacting info@thriveal.com

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