Engaging Your Hybrid Team: Employee Engagement and Equity When Working Remote

Managing a hybrid team successfully and equitably requires adjustments to your management style. Leaders must ensure that in-office employees don’t receive favorable treatment or opportunities, and that employees working remotely don’t feel left out or disconnected from the team. Explore the leadership changes to implement now so you can encourage employee engagement and ensure equity in a hybrid environment. Plus, look at how your organization should shift its performance measures and definitions of success so all employees are treated fairly, regardless of where they work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how hybrid teams are different from purely in-person teams
  • Identify the behaviors that can lead to unconscious bias that favors in-office employees
  • Describe the behaviors of an employee that is at risk for disengaging

About Karl Ahlrichs SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CSP

Speaker, Facilitator and Virtual Presenter on
Human Resources, Ethics and LEAN
KarlAhlrichs  | @kahlrichs

Karl Ahlrichs SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CSP is a business generalist, human capital consultant and risk management expert. 

Karl has lived (and worked) in the real world of business. 
He has run a career center in Louisiana, another in Appalachia, and helped restructure Apple computer in Silicon Valley. He has directed videos in Chicago, marketed software in Orlando, launched an office of Right Management Consultants in San Diego, and consulted on Human Resources, LEAN processes and Employee Benefits in Indianapolis. Karl’s client list represents a diverse group of associations, organizations, Fortune 100 companies, educational institutions, and businesses in every service, product and business category.

Karl's specialties include helping organizations survive by improving benefits effectiveness and customer retention; becoming an expert in the selection of high performers, and applying LEAN theory to HR (and vice versa.) 

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